Glacier National Park

I’ll do more of a photo essay here. That’s what we’re all here for anyways right?

We drove to Glacier National Park. It was beautiful.


We hiked partway to Mount Oberlin. There was snow. (This is not Mt. Oberlin. This is the one next to it but it was very impressive)


We hiked to Hidden Lake and saw baby goats!


We hiked to Avalanche Lake and it was beautiful.


We hiked to Sun Point, which was VERY windy.


We tried a sampling of local brews.


My favorite was Pigs Ass Porter. Mostly for the name and label, although it was delish.


We then drove back to Bozeman and took a well earned shower. Some miscellaneous thoughts include:

Neil Young is not only the man, but is awesome road trip music. He inspires me, you can’t watch that interview and not think he’s the coolest. And right.
Road trips are awesome.
Not being plugged into the world is so necessary. Too bad you can’t live that way all the time without being considered a wierdo.
Once you haven’t washed your hair for a week, it kinda stops getting so dirty.
Bozeman has some awesome local brews.
Life out there seems much more relaxing, maybe because everytime I go there I’m on vacation.
I bought some great organic local yarn at The Yarn Shop there in Bozeman, the woman in charge was very helpful, I can’t wait to make my Bozeman Sweater.
Thank goodness someone thought to make National Parks. There are a LOT of things wrong with our society and the American life and culture, but this is one thing someone got right.


2 thoughts on “Glacier National Park

  1. Amen to the comment of this country getting one thing right, the National Parks. I am having a life long love affair with Glacier. So happy you had such a great time. Also happy the bear encounter ended happily. There have been some tragic endings lately with the Griz. But they are such awesome, majestic creatures.

    Cheers. I am going to try to find some Pigs Ass Porter. Have never tried it.

    corrine (Arne’s mom)

    • Hi corrine! You guys were much braver on Oberlin, I couldn’t do the scree without panicking! You’ve got some beautiful country there, we heard about the bear attacks when we got home, scary stuff. Thanks!

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