Packing? What?

So, Kate, you’re going on a week long camping trip. Plane leaves 7:30 tomorrow morning. It’s 6 pm. You’re totally packed, right? What? You haven’t started? Hunh.
But, surely you’ve copied out a pattern for a fair isle hat to knit, charted the charts, and fished out the yarn, right?

fair isle hat

Oh, well yeah, I mean, it’s vacation, a week, no internets, gotta have knitting. Of course that’s done.

And that beer that needed bottling, you did that last night, right?

beer bottles

Oh yeah, that’s done. Totally. Need beer for when we get back, right? Duh.

Packing. Right. Getting right on that…

See you in a week! Camping and hiking in Montana, Glacier National Park, Gallatin National Forest. Gonna be great. Just need to pack.


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