Weekend Roundup

Next week is my first week of vacation for the summer, we’re flying to Minneapolis and road tripping to Montana. Lots of camping. Should be packing. Really really should be packing. Instead I’m pitting cherries.

Last weeks CSA contained cherries, and we’d had a lot of cherries so I decided to pit them and make a cherry pie over the holiday weekend. I’ve never made a pie before, and it didn’t occur to me that it would be a big deal, but as we started making the pie dough, my parents kept saying “now it’s ok, it isn’t always perfect, don’t worry, don’t let it melt…” and other warnings that made me wish it wasn’t an hour before dinner. But all went smoothly, Greg is calling it the three swear pie, since there was minimal swearing in it’s assembly and it was DELICIOUS!!!! Joy of Cooking** provided the recipe, not fancy but really really really really good. Really good. I pitted the cherries and froze them so they didn’t go bad during the week and it was perfect.

a perfect cherry pie

We baked up the extra crust with cinnamon sugar which was delicious also.

leftover pie crust

Everyone was very pleased with it, it went in one night, which shouldn’t be surprising with 9 people for dinner. I never thought I was a pie person, apple pie doesn’t really do it for me, but this was really nice. So today when I was at Shaw’s and cherries were $1.99 a pound, I bought some, which is why I’m now pitting them instead of packing. But it’s guaranteeing at least one last cherry pie before the summers out.

The rest of the weekend was full of reading, beaching, family party, more beaching, relaxing, and then back in on Tuesday full swing with graduating from PT in the morning, so I’m officially back to allowed to run (YEAH!!!!!! This is super exciting), work, then a wake for a neighbor. Long day. Hug the people you love, you have no idea what will happen in the days and years to come.

Now for real, gotta pack.

**How to Cook Everything is the new Joy of Cooking, as far as I can tell, but there’s something very comforting about that thick book full of simple recipes that look exactly like the one my mom cooked from when I was little and still, and that little red ribbon to mark your place… Someday I do intend to check out How To Cook Everything since several people have referenced it, but there will always be a soft spot for the Joy.


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