Bring out the Fireworks!

July 4th is the #1 beer sales holiday of the year, so in honor of that, I show you our latest brew. (Or my husbands latest brew. My contribution amounted to holding a strainer.) The recipe came from Northern Brewer, with some added honey and barley, based on reviews and recommendations. We have a local brew store down the street (very conveniently) so the ingredients were purchased there, but the recipe came from Northern Brewer.

my own creation

If you like movies, there’s a great one available through Netflix, called Beer Wars. If you like micro-brews, beer in general, small business, independent businesses, local businesses, supporting local or independent businesses, and stories where the little guy wins (or at least is starting to win) you would very likely like this film.It’s a really interesting look into brewing, small breweries, the distribution system and why you can’t get your favorite beers
micro-brews everywhere. Highly recommended.

So Happy 4th of July Weekend! If you need me, I’ll be found here, probably napping…



3 thoughts on “Bring out the Fireworks!

  1. What fun–my husband and I have been back in Maine and treating ourselves to all of our favorite local brews–getting ready to brew a new batch when we return home to NC. Good luck on yours–and thanks for such a fun post.

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