Random on a Wednesday

Here’s what going on:

1) That baby sweater is done!! (Except for the grafting of the underarms, and weaving in of ends, which I’ve hidden for the photo but am ‘fessing up to that here). When the second one (since they’ll be going to a set of twins) is done, I’ll order some buttons and send them off, so cute!!! Pattern came from here, it’s my own handspun yarn.

baby sweater

b) We got out third CSA pickup today and things are really starting to heat up! This week we got aramanth, kale, lettuce, arugula, snap peas, summer squash, beets, green onions thai basil and cherries. This is a half batch. Some Aramanth is going to the goat cheese and white wine sauce with spinach and garlic thing tonight, the cherries are going in a pie either this weekend or sometime this summer (you can and should pit cherries when they’re cheap/in season and freeze them, they do great). The rest I figure we’ll eat at some point, delish. Anyone know what to do with thai basil? We have kind of a lot…

CSA week 3


furthermore) I realized, upon trying to figure out what was for dinner that my recipe book is organized with the bread section first and the most populated. I guess I like bread…

IV) I am having a hard time spelling sweater. You know when you say or spell a word over and over it sounds or looks wierd? I just googled sweater to make sure I’m spelling it correctly. I think I need some wine…


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