A Great Weekend

Although there was a slow start to the weekend, it was a very nice weekend. Saturday was a fabulous beach day and Sunday was not. But it was a fabulous lazy day, I just sat on the porch and read and knit on the baby sweater for hours. It was foggy and damp and by the end my knitting pattern was actually wet from the fog and the outside. It’s very nice to have a day with nothing required of you at all, lawn is mowed, beach is damp and windy, there’s nothing you have to do.



This is the second sleeve of the baby sweater. Man, they are small! I love that you can knit practically a whole sweater in a day. I’m a tiny bit afraid that I have not quite enough yarn to finish the top, but I’ll just ignore that for now and hope really hard that I do. I think I do… Also, almost finished with John Adams and not entirely certain I wouldn’t have found him irritating and snobby. He seems like that little kid with the glasses and the nasally voice who spouts off long lessons about very specific insect species…


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