Quelle Perfect Sweater

Upon donning my featheweight cardigan (ravelry link) Quelle Perfect Sweater is the only descriptor. (Please pardon the dumb expression and the contraposto stance. I’m a terrible poser. I’ll work on it. Promise)


Pattern is Feather weight cardigan
Yarn is Malebrigo laceweight
Took less than 2 skeins (440 yds each)
Very quick knit, less than a month, I think. But I wasn’t spinning or knitting anything else during that time, so who knows how many hours. Maybe 20?

I LOVE it. Perfect for the two dresses I have for summer that I wear most commonly. The yarn was purchased at my favorite yarn shop, which is 2+ hours aways, in Brattleboro, called Knit or Dye, on my 1st wedding anniversary. I love this shop. Of the shops I’ve visited, the owner is so friendly, helpful, and in case that’s not enough, there is a tea room downstairs (separate business but connected by an indoor staircase, no small benefit in Brattleboro, VT.) I love it. If you’re even passing through Brattleboro, go there.

Anyway, I digress. I promise it fits perfectly, and is perfect for wading through the miniature front garden. The waist is the perfect length for dresses without making you look either stumpy or like you just didn’t want to knit anymore. I rarely knit something more than once, but I very likely would knit this in another color if I needed one for another dress…



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