It’s a baby, not a teddy bear…

I have a minor problem with baby sweaters. Or rather several. One is that I have none, and therefore have no idea what size a 9 month old is. I made a baby sweater for my best friends baby, and was sweating bullets that it was too small for her 6 month old self. Upon calling her to find out how it fit, I anxiously asked “does it fit?” “Someday, I’m sure it will.” Drat. Too big. At least I didn’t miss it’s short season of wearability! But seriously, I have no idea what size babies are. Also, they’re a weird shape. Enormous heads make for nervousness over non-cardigan style things, because even if you can fit the enormous head through the hole, can you do it while the kid is somewhat comfortable? I think not. And then there’s the stumpy arm problem. Babies have stumpy, fat little arms. Which is all very cute and all but I have issues accepting that a 4″ sleeve is really truly long enough for an arm. We all have to start somewhere, but somehow 4″ seems very short. Or 6″ or whatever they’re supposed to be. Also, there’s the pattern problem with not really having one that I like. Most are too boring, some just not my style (or anyone under 60’s style, really), and I have trouble picking one. All of this leads to sweaters that look better suited for a teddy bear, not a mini-human.

Despite this, I have a few skeins of yarn I want to knit up that are baby-sweater-sized skeins (another problem, not having knit many, I have no idea how to gauge how much yarn I’ll need). And so I’ll begin to learn. We have some friends who recently had twins and I’ve been a delinquent knitter-friend, and there’s the best friends baby, who at some point I’ll figure out what size she is, and I need to get these skeins out of my stash! So it begins…



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