Oh My! Salad


We got our first CSA share last week which had a ton of greens. And it’s really warm, like way too warm to cook. So we made our favorite Oh My! Salad. Trader Joe’s has a trail mix they call Oh My! And is supposed to have a lot of Omega 3 in it. Whether this is true or not I don’t know, but one day when it was too hot to cook, we made a salad and dumped the Oh My trail mix on top to add some protein and the Oh My! was born. It morphs into whatever we have in the fridge that needs eating, typically strawberries, almonds, goat cheese, pepper, onion, grapes, dried cranberries, whatever there is goes on the oh my, and it is delicious.


Today after Oh My! I went to knitting with my now-faux-Salina, and it was also way too hot in the library, by I digress. (Did I mention it’s warm? ‘Cause it is.) She has most of a collar, which God willing is the last one I’ll have to put on her. And since it was hot in the library, talk turned to ice cream. Now what we really needed was ice water. But what we decided we needed was ice cream. So I got myself an ice cream cone on the way home. I can vouch for J.P. Licks mint chip hard yogurt, it’s delish, and made for a great walk home. Now off to the basement to dig out the window fan and try to cool down a bit.


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