The Perfect Loaf of Bread

Bread baking

I love bread. Because of this perhaps, I’m very picky about bread. You can only eat so much bread, and there is no point in eating crappy bread. And non-crappy bread is expensive. And making bread is fun (since I love yeast as previously discussed). But finding the perfect bread recipe and making perfect bread from it is not really that easy. I have a great rye sourdough, a pretty good half wheat half white sourdough, and a few good sandwich breads, but none are perfect. The loaf above is pretty darn good though, it’s a Cook’s Illustrated recipe for a half whole wheat 7 grain bread, using Bob’s Red Mill 7 grain cereal, which is DELICIOUS as breakfast (which means either my taste buds are whacked or I’m getting old) as well as in the bread. This one came out particularly well as for once I weighed out my flour instead of the cup thing. I hate being shown up, but this way is way better than my usual scoop and see how it feels method. But like so many things, once you go home-made it’s hard to get the old stuff.

Bread is not hard. It does take a lot of time in total, but you’re touching or looking at the dough for maybe less than an hour over 8-12 hours, surely we can all handle that, no?


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