Random Monday

Many of my favorite bloggers have a random day. But it’s not random, it’s just random thoughts every Tuesday, or Wednesday, or whatever. I reserve the right to randomly do random days. Today is one.

1. Just back from our CSA pre-season meeting and I am beyond excited for next weeks bounty. There should be real strawberries!!

2. Started PT again for my leg ailment that no one can get a consensus on. First it was an adductor pull, then it couldn’t be, then it’s a hamstring issue with a stress fracture but my hamstring proves strong… whatever. I’ll just do the exercises and pray the running works in a few weeks.

3. Been back to spinning again, which provides today’s eye-candy (which sometimes is the only reason I read a blog, I’m shallow like that. Not always. But sometimes).

4. It seems to me the stock market goes down when everyone freaks out, even though everyone knows it will eventually come up. Why don’t people just hold tight and avoid the panic sell offs? This makes no sense to me.

5. I need a vacation.

6. I finished my Featherweight and ripped back and started re-knitting the now faux-Salina, since I’ve abandoned the top altogether for something else.

7. I’ve run out of things. Happy Monday


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