Living on the Edge

We have two cats, who are so like us it’s uncanny. Scooter, is a neurotic, skittish, loveable cat. She’s nervous, particular, loves to cuddle, and wants her way. Scooter and I are soul mates, even though she drives us crazy sometimes. But she’s vocal and stands up for herself, gets monster hungry and demands food (starting with little “hello, I’m sure you didn’t notice, but I’m starving” and ending with “I’M STARVING!!!!”), but timid at the same time; so very sweet.


Then there is Ollie. Neither would wouldn’t hurt a fly but Ollie has never exposed a claw in anything besides pure purring happiness, he’s the calmest being I’ve ever met, just a total melty love bug. He is like my husband. They’re dudes, chillin’ and relaxing is where it’s it, no need to stress, things are juuuust fiiiine. We love them to death.

Ollie has weak back legs from a probably blood clot last year. He has a ramp onto the bed, he has a bed, he has scratch pads and the run of the house. There are two places in our apartment they are not allowed. One is the bedroom pillows, because they walk in litter and I don’t care how much they clean that’s just gross. The second is the leather chair. This is because Scooter is not very agile and can get on furniture, but with much claw action due to her considerable “hangdown” belly. There’s nothing wrong with it, but she just can’t be allowed on the chair, and in the name of fairness neither can Ollie. Where do you think they love to sit? The couch, pillows, the bed, the comfy cat bed, any number of other soft lounge spots?

Here is where Ollie was caught when I came home from a walk last weekend. Totally zonked, passed out, konked, totally and happily asleep.




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