Being short, I have gotten very good at hemming. Being somewhat less endowed than designers seem to think I should be, I’ve gotten good at shortening straps, etc. And in the interest of mend and make do, I had some jean which finally wore through and I was VERY excited to patch them. This excitement I’m sure was do mainly to the facts that it’s just me, it’s not imperative that I patch them, that it’s more of a novelty than a necessity, but none the less, it was really fun.

to be hemmed

Being busy, Saturday of this lovely 3 day weekend I was thrilled to have a whole day ahead of me with nothing planned. So I got out the sewing machine, seam ripper, and iron and shortened the straps of one dress, hemmed some pants, and altered the neckline of another dress. Then I got out my fabric scraps, picked some, tried my first iron-interfacing which I can’t believe I’ve never used before, hugely helpful for floppy fabric – and sewed on some patches, which I’m super pleased with.

Fixing the Jeans

patched jeans


My reared end is so cute now! Happy Memorial Day!!


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