Pizza Chronicles, Part 1

I read a really interesting article in the NYT last week about pizza places and how they get the way better than homemade crust. And it involved an overnight rise on a sourdough crust. DING DING! I love this idea. So I tried it last night, I fed my starter until it was alive again (it had been sorely neglected).
This morning the dough was HUGE! Which was very encouraging, since I’d made up the recipe myself. After kneading it looked pretty good.
Since it had done so well overnight, I put it in the fridge to slowly rise… FAIL. Nothing much happened. No matter, I warmed it in a warm oven after work and it did rise, Greg said it was nice and maleable, but it was a little bit less than I’d expected when the pizza was done. I think I need more salt, and maybe a cold first rise and a room temp second rise. I’ll try that next Friday. They also posted a recipe, so maybe I’ll stop farting around next week and try it for real. The sour taste was fantastic though, which is great.
But it’s Memorial Day Weekend. So we broke out some good beer to start the weekend. Getting MRI results for my wonky pelvis on Tuesday, which is exciting. Besides that, that’s all I’ve got. Happy un-official official start to SUMMER!!


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