Too hot for much else


There is nothing else to do. The cats are spread out with as much exposed belly as possible, moving much causes perspiration, there’s nothing else to do besides pour a gin and tonic and head out to the porch for some reading. I remember summers at the cape or the Jersey Shore in particular, gin and tonics being the drink of choice of my parents. Gin I knew nothing of, tonic and lime I was sure were not good things to consume, but put together, as an adult, I can see there’s nothing better for when the temperatures are too high to do anything else.

As for the choice of literature, I recently read a book called Unlikely Allies: How a merchant, a playwright, and a spy Saved the American Revolution, by Joel Richard Paul. I typically don’t read biographies, because they don’t sound interesting, and while this wasn’t one, it was kind of one, since the author was in love with Silas Dean, only a stealth biography. And I really enjoyed it. However, I found it interesting. And it pointed out a few things: (1) Are biography authors always so very in love with their subjects? (2) I am from Connecticut, and never learned who Silas Dean was… this isn’t so good and (3) as it turns out, my knowledge of the Revolutionary War is VERY shaky, at best. I know we won… and got a 5 on my AP US history exam…

So I’ve decided that since I now reside in the Boston area, and while I know the name, when pressed I probably previously couldn’t tell you much about John Adams, besides he signed the Declaration of Independence (which I’ve never read), I really ought to read this book. And it’s really pretty interesting, I’m learning a lot. And enjoying sitting on the porch. There are a lot of things I should know but don’t, and I try to read a book a month (I’m cheating and counting books on tape, which I can listen to while spinning or knitting). So I’m hoping that by the time I’m an old person, I know a lot more than I do now.


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