Just follow the directions

I had this really great post written about how Salina was all done. All about how the second sleeve had to be ripped and replaced, due to knitterly denial, where you KNOW the sleeve is not the same size as the first one, but instead of counting stitches, or fixing it, or at least admiting that it’s not the right size, you go right to the end, bind off, say “there!” and try it on, only to have your husband point out, hey, that sleeve is wider than the other one! **forehad slap** All the post needed was a photo, I put it on to take it and after trying every pose possible, I came to the conclusion… the top needs to be ripped out. Again. The shoulders are irreparably too wide. Can’t ignore it, can’t fix it without ripping out. And this time, since sleeve caps are just apparently NOT my thing, it’s going to still be quarter shawl collar, but it’s going to be knit yoke style. After this, I cannot rip it out again. And I cannot live with it this way, and I put way too much effort into this yarn to NOT wear the sweater. So I’m gathering up the strength to rip it out again, perhaps after glass of wine and deep breath.

Since I’m a lousy relaxer, and last Saturday was a rainy day, and I can’t run STILL from my muscle pull in September (yes, that was 6+ months ago, no I can’t run more than 3 miles without re-injuring myself), I started another sweater before my mad-dash through the errands. I wasn’t sure about this one, but I love how it’s coming out. I do wish I had size 6 wooden needles, but I’ll just have to make do with metal ones. It’s the pattern Featherweight Cardigan and I happened to have just the right yarn in my stash and happened (amazingly) to get the right gauge. So I am for once just doing what the pattern says, which is a refreshing change from my usual Make it up as I go along. This one should go perfectly with my two, identically colored but generally different summer dresses that I bought last year.

My goal for the summer is to knit up a new wardrobe of sweaters. Last fall I swore I’d do that and never did, which lead to me thinking every morning, “Man, I need new clothes!” So once the one above is almost done it’s time to start swatching for another one. Trying to be monogamous here, since I get twitchy with too many projects going on at once. If only I could finish the last one!


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