After the apocalypse, come on over.

All though college I thought I didn’t like beer. Gross, pee colored light beers from a can. As it turns out, I just don’t like gross beer. Good beer, I like. Very much. I found this out when I started dating my husband, a devoted microbrew drinker, and it seemed like a good idea. Over the past few years, I’ve learned a lot. I may never figure out what makes wine $25 a bottle (though a headache indicates why it’s $5…) but beer I can say why it’s good or bad. Plus, with my bread making and amazement at how cool yeast is how can you go wrong? (And yeast is cool. Leave out some flour and water, mix it up, and yeast will make it a sourdough starter. Just like that. Totally explains a lot of medieval thinking.)

Brewing Pot!

So for his birthday, Greg got a homebrew kit, and we started brewing. This is fun for me because he does most of the cleaning, researching, brewing, I just do the fun stuff like stirring, siphoning, which is GREAT fun and a neat trick, and drinking. All you need is a big pot, some ingredients, which I had a photo of, but I can’t find, and some bottles. This has turned out great since it makes that embarrassingly large stash of bottles we generated over the holidays (with the help of friends) go away, and I don’t have to go to the bottle return and try my best not too look either homeless or a lush. This might be one of the greatest parts.

beer bottles for cleaning

And, as a friend at work said, “Dude, after the apocalypse, I’m coming to your place.”
Damn straight. We’ll have wool, beer, and bread. That’s about all you’d ever need, I think. We’ve got a porter, a white, and a stem coming. We could probably use some help emptying some of the bottles anyways.


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