Heavy and Light

Heavy – The mining disaster in West Virginia is so very sad. For so many reasons. It is terrible that even today, there are such events so historically similar to 200 years ago – we get upset about child labor but not about this. Much of this coal is going towards our electricity, these people are working for us. Think about that when you turn on your lights. Wind power may not be able to give us everything we need right now, but a bucket of water is full of drops, and if environmental reasons aren’t enough to support wind power and energy conservation this is a pretty good one. Seriously. Coal might be cheaper, but other people (and their families) are paying a big chunk of that cost themselves, personally.

Now for the light. It’s Friday! Thank goodness for that. Getting ready for an upcoming fiber event, I’ll be at the Gore Place for their Sheepshearing on April 24th in Waltham, Ma. Come check it out! I’ve been doing a ton of dyeing and spinning for it, and am loving playing with my new wheel! It’s pizza night here and unwinding from a crazy week. My plan for Salina got sidetracked when I became less smart and did simple math wrong, so I’ve nothing more to show for myself on that front. Looking forward to the weekend for sure!


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