A clever proposal

I hate seaming (OMG, a real honest to goodness knitting post!). I really hate seaming. This is mainly because I am lousy at it. And I’m lousy because I avoid it. We can all see how this goes in circles. So, instead of doing the logical thing and learning how to do it for real, I’m devising a method to avoid it all together.

I typically prefer things in the round. This is because I hate purling too. It’s a lovely stitch but it’s just too slow. Or I’m too slow at it, or something. I’d far prefer to zip along in circles happily knitting. I will, however, purl if it means that I can avoid seaming. And so I have devised a plan. I’ve knit the body of Salina up to the armpits. I then used the handy-dandy crochet cast on the arm stitches directly onto the needle. (I also hate picking up stitches… It’s begining to look like I don’t like much about knitting at all, isn’t it?) Of course the arm stitches called for minus 2 selvedge stitches, since I’m doing those in circles too. Back and forth my arse. I went around in circles there like any yoked sweater.

Why cast on the stitches for the sleeves instead of knitting the sleeves themselves? Ah, because this is handspun and I have no idea how much I have. Or, I did, but I didn’t write it down and it’s already wound up and I’m not going to do all that again to know how much there is. So knit all the important parts (body, tops of arms, and collar) and then pickup and knit down the sleeves, and if there’s not enough, I’ll end up with 3/4 sleeves, instead of no shoulders and no collar. I’m absolutely loving the clever elegance of this method.

Sorry, that was a tangent. Anyways, as far as I can tell, there is no reason (besides that you won’t have the seam there to look like a seam, but that will I hope not matter) you can’t knit the sleeve caps, the front, and the back all at the same time. Right? The shoulders will be a little creative, but I am a little creative so that should work out.

My only issue is that I have to purl, because the middle is a split front with buttons, and I *could* steek it and add a button band later, which would be REALLY elegant and then only have to go around in circles happily knitting. However, if I steek it and my plan doesn’t work and I’ve screwed up, I’ve just cut my yarn into impractical lengths and can’t rip it all back and try again. And I think we’ve been over how there’s only so much of this stuff… so the price I pay to be able to rip back is to have to purl. I’m ok with that.

So as long as I can remember to add the button holes… and decrease at the right time… and keep track of where I am on the front, back, shoulders, sleevecaps and not forget to make a mark in my book every row, I should be fine. But if this works, DAMN will I be pleased.

salina close up

So stay tuned. Also we’ve been brewing beers. I’ll post about that soon, when we have beer and not just a dark murky bubbling tub of water under the kitchen table…


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