Ramble on Rose

Ahh… I’ve got a new toy!!

Ramblin' Rose

After 2.5 years with my trusty Ashford Traditional, which is a great wheel, I’ve decided to upgrade. I looked all over and weighed pros and cons. I read review after review on Ravelry. After all of that, the one that best fit what I wanted was the Majacraft Rose. And holy moly is it exactly what I wanted! I drove out with Greg to Western Mass, half to pick her up, half to see the new babies in our midst, twins born to very good friends. I met Ramble On Rose’s previous owner in a parking lot behind the local COOP (where better to try out a new wheel! In a parking lot!) It was a lovely day and Delia was a lovely person, very warm and knowledable, I’m very glad to have met her. A great success all around.

It’s quiet. It’s small. Incredibly smooth, very responsive, very easy to treadle. Big arse bobbins. Upgrades beyond your wildest dreams, from whorls to accelerator heads. I can’t see ever needing another wheel (besides that there are so many pretty, handmade, fantastic wheels out there. But, in terms of NEED…). I’d highly recommend looking at a Majacraft if you’ve any interest. It’s so solid, so smooth, very well engineered (this from a scientist who works with engineers all day). And she’s pretty. I’m still getting to know her, but so far I’ve nothing but fantastic things to say about her.

I would have a better picture, and more photos of yarn, however I was a dunce and spent the better part of 2 hours tearing the house apart looking for the camera battery charger. Then another hour or so putting it back together… Tomorrow, for real, yarn photos.


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