Ode to a Volkswagen Beetle

Kate driving

Alas, a sad day came this past weekend. My buddy, my pal, my old friend got left in a parking lot. For the past 5.5 years I’ve been the very happy owner of a blue bubble of a car. A car which was so very exactly perfectly my car. I loved it. We were pals. We drove to Colorado and back with my bro, we drove all over the place. We collected parking stickers and a few parking tickets, and generally we loved each other. We camped and she let me eat breakfast in her trunk, even though I’m sure I made crumbs everywhere. She was really bad ass, had a kick ass roof rack, a shit ton of space inside, and some killer tattoos.

Breakfast in the Bug

She broke, but she’d pull it together most of the time, except when her alternator died, or when it died again, or when her ignition coil died (on Christmas Eve Eve, at 10 pm, on the highway. But I digress). She flashed funny lights and dinged at the wrong time, and she didn’t fit more than two people comfortably, but she was so cute, you couldn’t get too mad. She smelled like crayons, apparently, but I never noticed. She was great for my parents for 4 years, and then I got to have her and for the first 3 years she was perfect, then she’d go through senile phases where she’d need lots of repairs, in a row. And I’d be a bad friend and look around for a new car. But there were none as good as she was, or as cute as she was, or who I’d thought would be so very perfect for me. I finally figured I’d keep her and keep fixing her until it be came really silly to keep doing that. And then, last week, she had trouble getting from 3rd gear to 4th gear. I thought maybe she had a little spell, or maybe I made it up, or I don’t know. But then she did it again. Some research suggested strongly that her transmission was failing. And that is just silly to replace on a car worth half the price of the repair. So I looked and looked, and finally settled on a car that I like, that gets great gas mileage and is very nice really. It’s not blue, it’s not a bubble, and it’s a people’s car, but it is great and I’m sure I’ll get to know her and love her too.

So goodbye baby, we had fun, have fun in the highway in the sky!

on the way home


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