I have spent the past few months every morning humpfing and thinking to myself, “I have nothing to wear!” which is ridiculous, with a drawer of shirts and enough sweaters. But none are NEW (or new to me, or in anyways under 2 years old). To remedy this, I’ve been planning on some sweater knitting. Somehow I start mittens, hats, socks, all decidedly not sweaters, because I’ve been trying to knit from the stash, and have enough for these projects and not a sweater. Enter Sufu.

Last Mother’s Day Weekend, I went to the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival, which is great fun. I bought a fleece, my first unprocessed fleece ever. It was a Shetland fleece, greyish silver, pretty clean, about 4 pounds, from a sheep named Sufu from a farm in New Hampshire, and I loved it. So I brought it home and washed it and it sat around until I could borrow a carder from a friend, and have now just a little over a pound spun up and am going to begin Salina tonight at knit group. I can’t wait.
Sufu's Salina


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