Mrs. Darcy

So as a knitter, people give me yarn. This is sometimes good and sometimes bad. Sometimes you get bad yarn. Sometimes you get good yarn. Sometimes you get yarn and can’t decide. And therefore you accumulate quite a bit, which I’m usually pretty good at not doing. However, to not accumulate it, you have to knit it up. I recieved a bag of yarn from a colleague at work that his wife had gotten somewhere somehow. In it was enough to knit up a sweater, I thought, and thought immediately of Mrs. Darcy. I cannot deny that while I do think the sweater pattern is adorable, half the point of it is that it’s called Mrs. Darcy, which anyone who has watched the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice knows, means being married to Collin Firth. And no one would turn that down. And so I began  (although very happily married myself. This is not relvant. Collin Firth is that cute).  It’s a super quick knit and is enjoyable, a little fiddling with the sleeve caps, but that’s fine. Ignore the stupid smirk. It is not possible to photograph yourself without one.


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